Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Crash B's 2014


I did something very different this Sunday and it was awesome. I have been doing an indoor rowing league with the renagade rowing club all winter. It was in part to train for the crash b international rowing competition.   Which is a 2K race held at BU. 

It was crazy.  There were ~ 60 ergs set up and tons of heats going on all day. 

In the hockey rink. It was a little crazy. But really fun.  I was in the 30-39 women category.  And I did really well. 

I went early to watch Thor go, here's the pre photo for me. I had about 3 hrs to chill when that was taken. 

Then I rowed a 8:14 and killed it.  Though the chest congestion I had didn't help. But I'll take it. I think I finished around 20th in my category, hey not bad. 

And here's the whole crew. 

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