Tuesday, February 25, 2014

It's all about perspective

I had an interesting moment about perspective today. So first of all it's officially offical offical. When you go to the doctor and they say that you have ductel carcinoma then there's really no going back from that. There is only moving forward. They don't say that unless they are pretty damn sure.  

But the perspective moment happened with the surgeon. Basically she was telling me what the plan would be to remove said tumor, or what we're really calling it... The bitch. And basically it's an office visit.  I can shower the next day, and she basically said I could run right away. The only thing she advised against was crossfit. Not really surprised there. So I'm super excited. I mean I won't have to be completely bed ridden and that is awesome. 

I realized when I got home that I have a skewed sense of medically hard. I mean getting cut is still getting cut but I had to laugh a little because after hearing that I was basically like, oh I got this... No biggie. Who says that? 

You know who.... This bad ass. I am so much stronger than I even know. 

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