Saturday, December 1, 2012

Market day!

Today A and I went to some local London markets. It was really awesome.

I started the day with a quick run, which ended up being kind of a shitty run because it was freezing and I was tired. But I went and that was what was important. I mean vital to get out there and let's be honest I still went running while I was on vacation so bravo to me.

I got back. I got ready for the day leisurely. Which is great. It's nice to not have to rush around.

We headed out to the antique market called boy rough market. So not how you spell it but whatever. It was in Notting Hill. As in the movie. It was an awesome sort of meld between walking street, flee market and antique market. I scored some good stuff for gifts and then something for myself...... I mean its my vacation and all. And we just walked around aka down and back the road.

After getting some gelato for lunch. We headed over to this other food market f to get stuff for dinner.

This one was called portabllo market. It had all sorts of fresh food and meat and street food vendors. It was soooo neat. And totally up my ally. There were stacks and stacks of baked goods, olive oil, smoked meats... Just to name a few. We picked up dinner stuff and walked around.
I did not have the infamous duck sandwich. But I did get the whole experience. So I was thrilled.

After that we jumped on the tube home. And stopped at the grocery for the extra items. And headed home to have A make dinner. And me "help" .... Or sit and chat

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