Tuesday, December 17, 2013

All dolled up


This weekend was the annual biogen Christmas party. This will be my first time going since contract employees aren't invited... Kind of a bummer, but whatever. Oh and last year I was in Norway so I didn't go. 

So on Saturday Sunita and I got dolled up and had a date at the biogen Christmas party. It was at the fairmount Copley plaza. A very swanky hotel down town. 

We got there fashionably late. Changed the shoes because it being winter it was snowing. And explored. They had a bunch of stations and it being biogen, lots of bar tables. We chatted with some people and mingled. And ate. The desserts were by far the best thing there. 

And we got to take a Christmas picture 

It's fun to actually have an excuse to put I really clothes. Occasionally :-) 

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