Sunday, December 8, 2013

Two years


Another year has gone by since my life was changed forever, and it's been a great year. I decided last year that every December 7th I'm going to do something special and celebrate life and the happiness that I have, that even though bad shit happened, I'm still hear and still doing my thing. 

This year I spent some time in the natural world. Ben and Daniel and I discussed possible hiking locations. We settled on Dogtown in Gloucester. 

So Saturday started relatively early, got but and pack up lots of snacks and water and bundled up, and made my way to Bens. I will first day thank you GOD the weather report was wrong. It was likely supposed to snow, and though it was still pretty cold, it was bright and sunny. 

After meeting up we drove up to Gloucester to meet Daniel for brunch.. Cause who doesn't love brunch, I mean really. 
We went to George's.

It was quite tasty and very cute. And we had a very chatty waitress that reminded me of when I was doing the breakfast crowd on Sundays at cabots. High schoolers are so fun to talk to, sometimes. 

We fueled up and made our way to Dogtown. It was very pretty and really quite there. There was a few big climbing boulders scattered around the area and they also had some words scattered around. 

First we found a reservoir. I love water so that was awesome. 

It was gorgeous. And there was a big boulder that we climbed up. 

The rest of the area was wooded. And had fun boulders. I climbed one. Which was fun, but a little scary coming down. 

The rock carvings were cool too! 

And kind of random

The mandatory tree pose infront if this one. This was the second boulder the boys climbed. I did not because I had a feeling even if I got to the top, climbing up that crack you can see in the picture, getting down would have been a bit of a spaz attack. 

We got back to the cars just as it got really dark.  And we made our way back to Cambridge. It was a relaxing rest of the day. 

We were going to watch Silence of the lambs... But that didn't happen because it wasn't on netflix streaming. 

We had the most random dinner I've had in awhile 

And dozed / watched the Glatiator :) 

All in all another great dec 7 

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