Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Renegade rowing wk 3


This week was another good week. We focused on what our race pace was going to be on Saturday (my first indoor erg event)  

The workout 

We did the first part in sync with Nick calling the changes.  Then we practiced race starts, which are actually really awkward.  Because you have to go fast, but also doing three different lengths of stroke in the row is tricky. And doesn't feel great yet. I am working on quick hands, basically right now they are super lazy.  So on the return I get sort of fouled up in myself. It also makes you loose hella time. So that's not good either. 

My goal for the workout portion was to keep the same average split for all the pieces. I did not but got pretty close. 

I think my strokes per min were pretty good at 30. I'll probably stick to that. But split wise my goal is going to be 2:06.  Because at low 2:04. I sort of left like I was going to vomit. And then 2:07 was a bit too comfy. I mean technically the crash Bs and the race on Saturday will be all said and done in about 8 min. So we don't need to be too comfy. But I don't want to burn out in the first 500 meters. 

So I have a plan... Woohoo

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