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30 nov 2013

The great part about having extra time off is there is modivation to actually do some stuff that you've been "putting off" or stuff that life as gotten in the way of. In my case this was getting outside.... Aka hiking in the woods. I was determined to get outside this weekend company or no company. And as fortune would have it, it ended up being a pretty great day. 

I had aquired a hike book... Basically a travel book for hiking in New England, because I know nothing. So I figured even if a number of them were not particularly strenuous it would at least get me in the mode of getting outside and getting to know different areas.  So when I found one near my friend cliffs house... Aka very central mass. I figured perfect combo. 


Fortunately Cliff was free, so we met in the parking lot and did some exploring. Me, him and a yellow lab. Initially I wanted to do a long trail, which ended up not being a perfect loops so we sort of did a combo run of that trail and this other one called the coffee house trail. It was completely empty which was great, and really pretty. 

A bit of time in we ran across this pond, marsh thing. I mean who doesn't love water. Cliff was psyched because he fly fishes and that is apparently a good kind of area. Needless to say it was a great way to spend a couple of hours. 

It was still early when we parted ways, so I decided to check out purgatory chasm in sutton ma.  This was done solo, so I send Abby my location... She had volunteered to be my location buddy safety person, the previous day. And away I went. 

Mandatory selfie 

This place was really neat. Extremely rocky as you can guess and VERY crowded :( 

The weirdest thing was the random ice bits that were all around 

But there was so many potentially good rock climbing places. I may have to figure out a way to come back there... With ropes. 

This area was much smaller so I stayed around an hr. And then headed back to the car.  When I went to message Abby I was safe and sound I noticed a dinner invite, so the evening was spent with Abby and paul enjoying great food, great company and almost winning at settlers of catan... 

It great when days fall together in a really unexpected and great way. 

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