Friday, December 13, 2013

Renagade Rowing wk 2


It was another good practice at rowing this week. We had the rowers set up in a different fashion this week, essentially in 2 "boats". But that didn't matter much because we didn't warm up with the pic drill. 

The workout was 

We ended up not doing the team warm up but everything else was accomplished.  I think we skipped it because we went over the website. And how to find it. I found out I was actually in photograph in the website.

So hey, I can lift... Snatch it 

The prep

Full extension 

And kapow!

Pretty cool to actually see it cause snatchs are hard. 

Anyway, the workout was good. Though it's really hard to stay at a consistent stroke rating, but I know I'll keep working and get better. 

I like the feeling around a 30 s/m, right now the other ones are really hard. 

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