Sunday, December 29, 2013

Renagade rowing wk 4

23 dec 13 

This week we started focusing on stamina. After coming the first 2K race on Saturday, which was awesome, we now had a pace goal to beat. I actually managed my goal which made me really happy. The current 2K race pace was 

Avg 2:06/ 500 m

My goal for the crash B's is sub 2:00.  Which is totally achievable. I'm going to rock it. I actually should say that it's my goal for now... Because depending on training progress I may change it, I mean that's the thing with this kind of goal you can always change, and you want to the race day to be hard but achievable. 

So today's workout was supposed to be 8 x 500m with 2 min rest in between. I say supposed to because that's what other people did, but because me and nick had do the workout that morning which was 

6 rounds 
15 push ups
Row 250 m 
15 ring rows (pull ups) 

So let's another 8 round workout and I would have crashed and burned. So I did 4 rounds. 

By this my goal is definitely reachable. And then I'll get the awesomeness award 

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