Friday, July 6, 2012

First weekend assitant realizations

What I struggle with is love.  Self Love.  But I realized in receiving assists that the appeal was the transfer of love and acceptance to someone else and therefore helping that person accept themselves.  I think it resides in the gut.  It is just this knowing that its all ok and that everything where you are today is ok and to be able to transfer that to someone else is very powerful.  And in return to gain a feeling of accepting yourself at the point that you are at.  It translates to the other parts of life in helping my grandfather, even when he's annoying and I don't want to.  Even when its hard and realizing I can love an accept him even if I don't like him. 

Its sort of ironic that in many ways I am accepting of other peoples flaws without being accepting of my own.  And I think in becoming more accepting of ones self your are more accepting of others. 

I hope to transfer support to students.  Support in practice and in breath.  sort of like love and acceptance it goes hand in hand without love.  And support you can't feel each of them and those translate into acceptance for where a person is today.  And what they are bring to the mat.  It definitely can't reside in your brain because its not an analytical feeling you just have to feel it.  Somewhere deep down its sort of the difference between knowing and understanding.  You just have to feel/ know or understand without thinking. 

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