Tuesday, July 10, 2012


The day started off great. I actually woke up at 6 which I don't know why I'm even surprised anymore.  But I sort of dozed for another hour and a half which was excellent.  I wanted to get up sort of early because my first class was at 10.    So I wanted to make sure to leave enough time to get there, get the wrist band and figure out where the heck I needed to get to without getting stressed out. 

So I got ready watching Rupauls Drag U, which turned out to be a makeover show.  Go figure.  Anything involving Rupaul is amusing.  So i got ready and then attempted to find the theoretical continental breakfast.  I say theoretical because not only could I not find it I couldn't find a soul to ask.  The hotel is fine and all but its oddly understaffed.  So there was no one around.  Not a big deal since I knew they'd have food at the festival.  So I packed up and headed out.

It was super easy to find because it was one minute up the road.  And because it was a ski resort parking was easy peasy.  Actually getting around in general was pretty easy.  So I got my wrist band and found a yummy vegan smoothie place.  All was GREAT!

I made it to my first class, which ironically turned out to be the only class with flow.  So not as active as intended but whatever.  Still amazing.  Anyway the first class was an intro to Ashtanga yoga with Kate O'Donnell. Who ironically teaches at Back Bay Yoga in Boston.  So I actually felt bad about taking it, but I'd always been curious about Ashtanga so I did it anyway.  So I'm glad I did.  She was an amazing teacher.  If only she taught at some other time then 6am.  I might try it a little.  But I left feeling really good.  I even went into headstand prep, which still doesn't feel good.  But I gave it a 5 breaks go.  And it wasn't bad.  Though I still don't like the way it feels on my head. 

So after that I trucked it to the Lucy tent.  Yes the store.  I caved and bought a shirt last in the day, but they were one of the sponsors so the big tent was theirs.  There I had a lecture about living like a yogi.  It was done by this guy who teaches at NYU and is a Buddhist monk, Lama Marut.   I actually bought his book cause he made some interesting points about how you follow the yoga sutras.  Little did I know I'd come away with a reading list 7 miles long.  I thought I'd just come away sore :)

After that I had some time to kill so I roamed and got some free samples.  And then I found lunch.  Rice bowl with beef.  Then the rains came, which was a total arg moment because I was just going to sit outside until my last class.  And we aren't talking about a little rain.  IT was a ton.  But it was oddly relaxing in a lot of ways because there was quite literally nothing to do and nothing I could do about it. So I curled up on my rolled up mat and started to read my book..the one I just bought.  It was good that I forgot my phone charger because I didn't look at it much and because I didn't want it to die.  But I really wanted to check out and watch netflix on my phone. which  I didn't, So it was a very interesting pull. 

Anyway I managed to kill time until my third class which was given by the dean of the Kripalu Center.  I thought it was going to be a vinyasa class.  Nope it was al ecture.  But that was cool because he discussed Patanjolis Yoga Sutras.  Which I now want to read.  But he discussed how the asanas tape into the body and make us feel things we are blocking.  Then pranayama is the life force which keeps us going also know as air.  So the breath work with asana to tap in the body.  Then daram or manomaya  Kosha is the meditation that allows us to tap into out feelings.  Which lead to the Vijnani maya kosha, which is our higher self.  The self that is not judgmental and content with life.  That eventually  allows us to reach the ananda maya kosha.  Which is Bliss.  OUr completely enlightened self.  It was a really neat way to think about stuff.  By improving the body through the physical we are able to tap into the emotional and therefore improve yourself. 

After the lecture I roamed around a bit more.  Found an interesting booth called Karma Warrior clothes, and bought a tee shirt.  I eventually found my way to one of the restaurants at the resort because i knew if I went home I wouldn't come back for a the concert.  Which was awesome.  MC Yogi and Shakti Sunfire.  Completely awesome.  Then I went home and passed out. 

There was my wanderlust experience.

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