Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wanderlust the day before

Getting up there was rough with a capital R.  Stratton Mountain is far away.  I am not a huge fan of driving, so driving three hours was a challenge.  Especially by myself.  I actually ended up doing it all in one go because there wasn't really good places to stop by the time I wanted to. Since the last hour or so was the back roads of Vermont.  I am most definitely in the sticks.  I even passed a house that had a fire truck in it.  Talk about rural. 

But I made it in one piece.    Minus my phone charger...dumbo.  I am going to have to make sure to plug it in in the car.  Fortunately if I'm conservative with the uses it should be fine.  But I wouldn't have too many instagram moments. I'm just happy I brought my regular camera so I can go crazy with pictures regardless.

On a side note...since this is a delayed post... i didn't go crazy with pictures..oops.

The drive did serve one good purpose.  I got some time to think.  Maybe a lot of time... But sometimes that's a good thing.  Anyways off to have a massive burger and poss out on a big bed. To get up early for a full Wanderlust experience. 

Below are some pictures from my hotel : )  It was a cute room. 

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