Thursday, May 23, 2013

Crossfit Optimum Performance WOD 2

I went back to CFOP this morning.  It was a much larger crowd but still fun.

The workout

A. Back squats (low bar) 6-6-5-5 @ 30x0 : rest 2 min
B. Barbell Hack squats 6-6-6-6 @ 30x0 : rest 2 min
C. Front foot elevated d.b split squats 8-8-8/ side @ tempo 3011: rest 60 sec (can also use kettlebells)
D.  For time: 75-100 ab mat sit ups

I did pretty low weight on everything because with all the walking we've been doing i did't want to over do anything.  Also one hamstring has been funny for the last day or so, so don't want to mess with that.  

The bar bell hack squat was by far the weirdest thing ever.   Its probably some weird body building move and I didn't like it.  Lets just say I only got up to ~65lbs. Cause my hamstrings and ass kept getting in the way of the move.  Me no likey 

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