Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Vancouver day 3

Today we went to the museum of anthropology.  It was pretty far away from the hotel but as always I enjoyed taking the bus to get there.

Of course I love taking the bus cause you get to see the entire city and its almost like the hop on hop off buses but with real people on it.  It was kind of a long bus ride and of course by the time we got there nature was calling majorly (thanks to crossfit hydration)  But hey thats important.  The museum turned out to be on the University of British Columbia campus or on the edge of it.  So that was pretty cool.  The bus dropped us at the bus depo and we walked through the campus to get there.

The museum was really neat. It had lots of wood carvings and totem poles and house poles.

We got there right in time to go on the tour and found out some really neat stuff. Like where to toast someone came from.  It came from people during the black plague times keeping toast on their drinks to "keep out the bugs" or they thought the plague.  Of course it didn't work.    But S and I had a grand old time exploring the museum and acting a little silly.

After the museum we boarded the bus and headed to what was supposedly the "lesbian " part of town.  We had already explored the gay neighborhood, so we figured why not.  We found a coffee shop and hunkered down for some good books and good tea (or coffee in S's case)

It was a really cute place and gave me the opportunity to be brave and work on our Chit chat challenge..aka making small flirty talk with strangers.   I did good and was able to get a good restaurant recommendation in the area.  Indian food, yum.

But it didn't stop there.  While we were at dinner I was able to make very good chit chat challenge with the waitress...so much that I left her my email.  Having never ever ever done that I was shocked at myself but S agreed the signals were there and why not. Definitely something to brag about just in the realm of scary things to do on vacation.  Which is the best time to practice that stuff....because absolutely nothing to loose.

And that is a good mantra in general. :)

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