Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Crossfit Optimum Performance

Today I did what is becoming a new vacation tradition.  I tried a crossfit in Vancouver.  I went to Crossfit Optimum Performance.  CFOP had a really nice facility.  It was ways smaller then CF Boston.  But the people were really nice.  Helped that I went to the 7 am class.  Which usually makes people nicer, cause honestly if you're bitchy at that hour something is really really wrong.

The workout

A. Deadlift 5-5-5-5-5 @ tempo 20x0 : rest 2 min
B. 6 sets for time - AFAP
10 Russian KBS
5 strict HSPU's - from deficit (45#plates) if 5 regular are too easy.
Rest 60 sec
C. GHD back extensions 3 x 10 -12 @ tempo 3011 : rest as needed.

The format is a little different then I'm used to but it was fun.  I worked up to about 103lb on the deadlifts.  I had to modify the handstand push ups.  I did three pike push ups.  Think a push up in down dog with your feet raised.  I'm not used to doing the full range of motion so that was a definite challenge.  I also only didn't do 5 reps.  I did 3.  Which was still hard because I had some failed attempts.  A definitely indication of the correct scale..  The GHD extensions always kill, basically the backs of your legs burn like no bodies business.  
The good part of vacation is I took a bit of time to foam roll and stuff after and chatted with the people about stuff to do in Vancouver.  I got some nice ideas.  Especially in the rain.  Which it is today...shocker pacific north west.  I think not.  

Off to the anthropology museum.  

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