Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Vancouver day 4

Today we started the day with a run. Probably close to 2 miles. Not really sure since I didn't bring the GPS. Though it probably wouldn't have worked since my phone is always on roaming. But we ran over some bridge near the hotel. Which was the same bridge we went over on day 1 to get to Chinatown. 

Lets just say my ass is really sore. Between all the walking, running and the dead lifts yesterday, holy gluts man oh man. 

Initially we had decided to go to the science museum because we thought it was going to rain... But it looked good so  we changed plans and went to the botanical gardens. We were our usual bad ass selves and walked the hour there. So it was a good couple of miles. Fortunately the weather held out and it was a great trip around the gardens. We had our lunch on a rock. In the sun. Did another photo shoot... in the flowers. which was super fun, and i practiced my
Still life photography as well.  It was great. And we got some tea and had another sit and read session until it got too cloudy to manage. And it was cold. I had to wear 4 shirts and I was still a little chilly. 

We packed up and made our way back to the hotel for a little rest before dinner.
On the way we made a stop at Safeway. Which I have now been to twice here.   And remember liking it from Arizona.  

We relaxed in the hotel for a little bit. I think the amount of walking is finally catching up with us... Of the working out ever day or just the general amount of physical activity we've been doing. But it's the S and T adventure so it doesn't really matter cause we would be doing it anyways.  Lets be honest. 

For dinner we went to this place called Abigail's party. It was definitely a local joint and out of the way. My legs wanted to die on the way there. But totally worth it food wise. 

Then in what is becoming our usual fashion we came home and snuggled down to bed. 

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