Monday, May 20, 2013

Vancouver day 2

After our morning workout we got our butts ready and headed to Granville island and public market. 

Most people know I'm a bit of a grocery market freak, and S is too, so the idea of a big public market sounds lovely to both of us. First we just roam around and then of course to buy some stuff for lunch.  Granville island was a bit more touristy then expected but it was still cute. And the market wasn't so much outdoor farms market but actually reminded me of this market I had been to the last time I went to Montreal. Needless to say we had a lovely time roaming the stalls and finding yummy meats and veggies to have for lunch. I also bought the biggest apple I had ever seen. It was called an ambrosia apple. It was huge and actually pretty tasty when I ended up having it with lunch. 

After we'd acquired the necessary items we reboarded the bus and made our way to stanley park... Yes the name is the same. So I went to stanley park with stanley. This park is HUGE. I think we probably walked a 10km around it cause it just kept going forever. There were. Three beaches, lots of bike paths, people balancing rocks, tons of trees and totem polls.  It was awesome. We had out lunch there and walked the whole thing..... With many a bench break in between. 

Once we made it all the way around we started walking down Davie st and found a really cute Greek place for dinner. So much delicious food!

And now were back at the hotel with a bottle of wine ready to chill for the night 

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