Sunday, November 24, 2013

Great,,, well week


Well initially I was going to call this post great day, but then I realized it was actually a pretty good week so I said why not talk about it all. 

Monday 18NO13
I had plans on Tuesday so I did some climbing after work on Monday.  It was a pretty good day, and I managed to conquer some hard routes.  Even though one I needed a few tries to get off the ground.  Its a fun mind game and I guess that's the reason I keep on coming back.

 Tuesday 19NOV13
Today I tried a new yoga class.  When I was in Austin I met someone who taught yoga at this studio in the sout end. They have a really good new student special so Laurel and I met up after work to try it.  I was completely underdressed for the walk over... fail... but it was a very cute space.  Very cozy and grounding.  The class was ok.  I didn't love how disjointed it felt.  But she offered a decent variety in the flow.  It made me even more excited to get to teacher training so I could more concretely diagnose why I didn't love it.

 Wednesday 20NOV13
Wednesday was relatively uneventful at work, but the fun began after work.  I had plans to meet someone to run the stadium at Harvard.  What pray tell is that?  Well you know football stadiums have stairs and "stairs" that are really chairs.  It looks sort of like this.
I have only done it once before, right when I first started crossfit again and it was AWFULE.  So I was really curious to see how it would go.  I set my timer for 30 minutes, saying ok... that should be good.  And it wasn't bad at all.  I mean after the first one, I had a moment of "holy crap" but then I just chugged along and managed to do half.... or 18 rounds in 30 minutes.  So that was awesome.  But actually the best part was the fact I could walk to next day.  My calfs were sore, but nothing ridiculous.  So that was ever better

Thursday 21 Nov13

Thursday was another post work fun time.  Every year that I've been there biogen has done a turkey drive.  They donate the turkeys and the employees donate boxes of food.  Thanksgiving being next Thursday it was time to go to BJS and load up on bulk non-perishables.  So Mari and I went after work.  It was actually kind of fun because when else are you going to get something like 30 cases of caned veggies.  And for a day where no workout was planned the loading and the unloading of the pallet felt good.

After BJS we went to Burger Dive.  Its a restaurant near my place.  They do burgers  and fries and all sorts of other deliciousness.  So we had dinner and had fun with the burger car out front.  It was very fun to have a low key social evening, and its always fun to sit and chat.

Friday 22NOV13

Today was an awesome day.  I decided Thursday to take a half day from work and go to the BSO performance of a world premier bassoon concerto by Neikrug.  The rest of the performance was Falla "The three cornered hat" and Beethoven's sixth symphony.  When I got out of work  I hopped of the T to symphony hall.  I was lucky that Frank had the day off so I had some company for the experience which always really nice.  The performance was great and even with the Concerto being VERY new music it was pretty cool.  I definitely want to hear it again, to get a better understanding of what is going on. 

I almost forgot to mention my day actually started with awesomeness before that.  This week had been really busy (as if that wasn't obvious) so I only made it to crossfit that morning.  I wasn't super excited about the workout because it as 5 rounds max reps bench press and pull ups.  Neither movement I'm super excited about, but I went anyway.  I'm glad I did. I managed about 50 reps in totally (so average of 5 per movement per round) and did it with 93 lbs bench and 2 bands in the pull ups.  Both of which I was super excited about.  Its always great to start the day by physically surprising yourself.

After the symphony performance I made my way back to Cambridge for the night O' yoga. As usual it was great to get on the mat and chill the heck out.  I had a good practice at 5:30, then assisted the 6:45, then had another good practice at 8:15.  Once again I passed out at the end of class. Ooops. For those that don't know there is a difference between savasana and napping, and lately I've been blurring those lines.  Whatcha gonna do.  At least this time it was feet up the wall.  I've decided supported fish and I are best friends...because I can't NOT fall asleep.  Its like a sedative. Which is fun to know, but sometimes inconvenient.

And on a side note... I gained the at least temporary nickname, Luscious Hands of LoVE.  Holy awesomeness. thank you abby.

Saturday 23NOV13

I had to get up in fact far to early in my option because I was pooped, but I did because it was hair cut time.  I was trying a new salon care of mari's recommendation.  It was the Platinum Door Salon in Wilmington.  It was super cute and the stylist was really nice.  It was also easier to get to then getting the Harvard square, and they had parking.  I will be going back.

The rest of the day was pretty low key, acupuncture, thanksgiving shopping, and laundry. 

The low key day was great because I had some evening plans.  There was dancing to be had at Phoenix Landing in central square.  It was Kate's birthday so Sandy organized a group of yogi's and others and we hit up PL for a night of boogie down.  This was second time there, and it was really fun again.  I definitely forget how fun it is to boogie sometimes, especially somewhere that isn't fancy or stuffy.  So it was a great time, involving lots of bootie shacking.

Sunday 24NOV13

Well I went to sleep at 3am last night.  By product of out late and being keyed up.  Soooo today was a recoop day.  And I'm fixing to go Ambers yoga class in a bit.

See great week :)

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