Thursday, November 7, 2013

Wanderlust Austin day 0... The travel to day


Today began my second yoga adventure to wanderlust. I've been looking forward to it for awhile because... How to put this... Mama needs a vacation. So now that it's finally time I'm ready to get this party started.

The first thing I did, which is very atypical for me ( and the HOLMs in general ) I didn't book flights at stupid times, typically I leave at the crack of dawn, or after a full day of work. This time I poet not to do that. I had plenty of vacation so why not be relaxed about the whole thing. So this morning I had a nice leisurely morning in Newton before dad dropped me at te airport around 10. 

Checking in, getting through security, and waiting were uneventful. And then the VERY full flight started and I did something that I never do, I actually had a really nice conversation with the women sitting next to me. Usually I am the person who plops down, scowls and proceeds to read or whatever. But lately I've been thinking my "don't fuck with me" attitude isn't serving me well. So I'm trying to change... What better chance to practice then traveling in Texas... Where people are nicer anyway. 

So that will be my goal for the weekend. Stick self out there and see what happens. 

The rest of the travel was more typical...including a very cozy middle seat experience... Joy. 

I checked into the hotel, which woo hoo! Is really nice and went to dinner at ironworks. I got the recommendAtion from the people at the hotel. It was tasty.

And I finished the day watching Big Bang theory.  

Tomorrow lots of yoga 

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