Saturday, November 9, 2013

Wanderlust day 2

09nov 2013

First thought this morning... Holy soreness captain. I managed to get up with mostly success and got myself ready and had breakfast... No breakfast sandwich today :( 

I decided while I was here that I'm going to not buy diet coke. I was doing good at home and then had a slip, but looking at the price / bottle (which admittedly I may have just not registered before) I couldn't do it, when I have coffee free in the mornings and in my room if I need a pick me up. So water it is.., though I may treat myself to a juice from the juice bar tomorrow. We'll see. 

Anyways. My. First class of the day was with shiva rea and it was called "pranadanda yoga : awaking the inner staff". She is admittedly a very interesting person and kind of intense.  The whole class was centered around finding your inner danda or staff while using this actually staff. We did a really cool opening meditiation standing in legs apart. It was about feeling the strength and power of our inner abilities and self and lengthening that out. We moved into doing a bunch of very flowy sequences using side angle pose, half squat, triangle  pose and warrior 2. It was pretty cool to become acutely aware of ones inner line. She admittedly talked a lot about utianadabanda, which is sort of the tie point between upper and lower half, and when we break the danda it's usually in that reason. We also moved into back bends and I took wheel for the first time in a LONG!!!! Time. Usually I don't bother but I was feeling it. Because it was a very flowy class it was actually pretty sweaty. So I was sort of cooked... And ready for lunch after that. 

After class I went to the kula market, and ran into Tim. We chatted a bit and then I roamed around for a bit. I actually also bought my first mala necklace. I'd been wanting one for awhile and so today was the day. 

It's really pretty and I liked the properties. 

I'll have to investigate further. 

I had my first Texas burrito at the taco shack next to the hall and enjoyed the intermittent sun while waiting for my next class to start. And got to listen to a really fun class being held on the roof top. 

Goal update: less new interactions today but did run into and speak to people from yesterday... So that's good :)

My second class of the day was Beastie yoga with dj drez taught by mc yogi. I was REALLY excited about this one because I love mc yogi.  And all I can say is that it was completely amazing and very sweaty. He made the entire class silly and great. We did crow at the beginning of class which was a holy shit. We did a ton of chatarungas and all sorts of other things.. We backed it up like a truck in reverse warrior 2. And there was a ton of butt shaking... It was clearly a hard class because my brain is cooked and I can't really think of anything else. Oh wait... Danced turned into dance move.. I don't know what it's called but it was awesome.  Ok I think that's it...

The last class of the day was Shadows and light: reclaiming the sacred feminine in all taught by Seane corne.  That was great as well. She did a lot of wide leg forwards which was funny because there where 400 people in the room. It had a really good energy. We did a seated meditation at the end and I actually forgot where I was. It was really cool. She also did a different approach to figure 4 arm balance which was really neat.  Pretty amazing and I'm glad to be taking another on from her tomorrow. 

After that I hobbled home for a little bit, before going to hear all the musical goodness that was to be offered. 

Dinner came in the form if a delisious fish taco from the whole foods truck.  It was actually a bit spicy for me, but still tasty. 

I consumed and went to hear the first artist. I had heard good things about this guy. Shakey Graves, apparently an Austin local. And described as new grass style( though I don't think that's an actual thing)  but he was really good.  I caught about half the set and it was definitely very folky but with a new twist. 

After the set was over I met up with tim, who made some other friends (more texans) and we watched some acro yoga action for a bit.  I haven't tried acro yet, but I got an offer to fly so... Tomorrow may be the day. 

I almost forgot they had an acro yoga performance... Holy amazing ness

That doesn't even do it justice. 

We chilled until MC Yogi and Dj Drez went on. They were freaking amazing. I mean I love his songs and his vibe anyway and live is just sooo cool. He did a couple of songs from the pilgramige album so I knew them and he even free styles a bit... One free style was to frere a jaquca ( pretty sure that not how that's spelled)  but it was amazing. And he ended with one light.... Which may be my favorite song EVER. 

After the concert we , well the rest of the group, I needed a. Little convincing... Decided to check out 6th street. (Austin's major music street) it was pretty cool... Loud, lots of drunk people... Military ball. Basically a more spread out version of bourbon st. But glad I experienced it. Who needs sleep anyway. 

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