Sunday, November 10, 2013

Wanderlust day 3: the final count down


Today is the last day... Sadness. It's been an amazing experience so far and I know today will be the same. 

I crawled out of bed... I'm such a baby about not getting enough sleep.. Gave myself a "get a grip " pep talk and caffeinated for my first class... Which was at 8am... 

This was another Seane Corne class. Detox flow. Holy crap it was hard. I didn't really think about the fact detox classes tend to be tough... Cause they are detox, until I was talking to some girls I met yesterday. After a minor moment of "crap" I got over it and got excited. Seane has an amazing vibe. She's just so  calming and bare bones about teaching. It's this here's the flow.. Do it, sort of feel and I like that. She doesn't get super fluffy... Which personally annoyes me when I'm getting my ass kicked. The whole series was really interesting because it came in 3 parts. Lengthening, compression and twists. It made sense because you need to great space for the toxins to move, sort of squish the organs to get things going, and twist to whring it out.  It was amazing. There was one twist series that went from 
- crescent twist
- revolved pyramid
- revolved half moon 
- utkatasona twist
- standing L leg twist (ok not the name but I don't know the actual name) 
And to switch side take raised leg behind and tada your in crescent lung again.
I also have never been in standing leg split that many times in a flow... My outer hips were screaming. But it was awesome. 
And then I got to meet her

And on a side note: the detox served its purpose... Oh boy

In between classes I roamed around, visited the Toyota booth and made a mat spray, body scrub and tote bag (to add to the tote I made at wanderlust last year)  but hey free stuff is awesome. And decided to get a snack at the studios food place. Blenders and bowls. It was a different concept then I'd seen before. 

Admittedly a bit odd but tasty and looked pretty. 

My second class was called "kula flow: sweetened with honey" taught by Schuyler Grant.  This was a bit of an odd class. I couldn't get into it, maybe because I'm cooked. Maybe cause the flow was weird. She did a number if things with breathing that I couldn't get.. Utianadabanda Kira I think is what it's called. Also we did something that was basically crow legs but going into plank. There was a lot of horse pose, and some other really intense poses that I couldn't get into... Like I said, just wasn't feeling it. The one thing that I did like was the fact she gave amazing cues. So even though my body didn't like it I felt like my brain at least knew what was going on. So that's always good. I think she has a studio in NYC so I'd try it again I went to NYC. 

My third class was "Rhythmic vinyasa - synching with the natural pulse" taught by Shiva rea.   For those that don't know about her she does this thing called yoga transe dance, which I didn't take but  I knew going in she likes meditation movement. This class was cool because we started with egg shackers and did a meditation to music since dj drez was there as well. It was actually really calming and the interesting thing with movement mediation is its ways easier to clear your head. It was cool. Then we went to a vinyasa practice which was good. And it was very very slow. Which when your tired is tricky.  But it felt good for the most part. I say for the most part because I've gotten to the point were my body is so confused I'm not sure how I feel. 

I've been so happy I've done this and I will be on a yoga high for at least a week.

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