Friday, November 29, 2013


28 nov 2013
This year was a little different because 
A) we held it at park st
B) I did a large portion of the cooking
C) both Holm men were away 

Since we were down two members my mom and I decided that it would be fun to have everything at our house. Especially since it's probably the last thanksgiving that park st will be ours, so why not enjoy it. 

I came over early to begin the prep. Actually the prep started the night before with some dicing of the Brussel sprouts.  But anyways, I knew I needed to start early because I had about 5 things to make. 

The bible that was used

Cause who doesn't like comfort food. I've had this cookbook for a while and it has a number of really good stuff. 

The plan was 
- Brussel sprout slaw
- butternut squash "casserole" 
- sweet potato spears 
- mashed potatos 
- roasted broccoli 
- biscuits 

So clearly I needed a lot of time to work. The broccoli and sweet potatos were low labor items, and easy I cook.  I did not know that cumin worked on sweet potatos but it was yummy. 

My favorite item was the slaw. Which included Dijon mustard, bacon and peacans. It came out quite good, and bonus... LOTS of leftovers.  

The only fail was the butternut squash. I used a recipie that was actually for yellow squash. It was ok. It included coconut milk, paprkia and peacans... It was a very peacan heavy recipie. Anyways, it just wasn't great. I think the squash was a bit underdone. And the spicing could have been better. But everything else came out great and we had a lovely meal. 

My aunt was incharge of the pie. Which was apple cranberry and great. 

And the night finished off with a hunger games marathon. We watched the first one at home before heading up to chestnut hill to watch the second. 

Quite the action packed day. 

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