Monday, November 4, 2013

Reminder that I'm a bad ass

02-nov 2013 / 01 nov 2013

So I've mentioned before that I am the extreme self undervaluer. It's a really horrible habit that I've been working to break, but this weekend I had a few different headways in the department. 

First was at yoga. Lately I've noticed I've been forgetting to breath. Seems basic but I've been so anxious and tense lately it's just slipped my mind... Literally. I was listening to the MC yogi ted talk on Friday and almost cried when I breathed with everyone one the tap... Something's got to change I think YES!  Anyway, first that happened, and then I was able to revamp my mantra while I practiced and assisted. 

My usual mantra is "I am enough". Simple and calming but admittedly not very strong. This Friday another one popped into my head... While practicing. "I am awesome" we're going to try this one on for awhile and see what happens. 

Saturday started with a trip to reebock headquarters in canton for a barbells for boobs event. I was the only athlete survivor there which was kind of neat. And I killed grace... 30 clean and jerks for time. I didn't rx (75#) but I did break 4 min (3:56). 

It was interesting because when  I was going through cancer I didn't think about it being impressive that I still was able to function. But I think actually it was. I just did it, but really the fact that I could function. I went to work, I didn't completely disappear ( though I did become a bit of a hermit... Cause I would get soooo tired) and I think actually that makes me a bad ass. Or it was a reminder that hey I'm awesome! 

So go crossfit :) 

And gratuitous clouds on the way to mari's wedding reception... The way I ended the day. Quite the busy and excellent weekend. 

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