Thursday, November 14, 2013

The day I set my 125 rep max


So if this morning is any indication of what the day will bring, it's going to be an awesome day. 

Where to begin? 

So I decided to get back into my 6am crossfit schedule since I actually realized that I missed going in the morning. So 5 am rolled around and I was up. 

Today's workout was tough 
5 rounds for time 
400 m run 
25 back squats (83#) 

Yes that means I did 125 back squats. 
My time was 32:49. Which is pretty good and I didn't have to put the bar down for any of the rounds.. So that was awesome. 

The other part of the work out 6x3 hand stand push ups. Which I love because who doesn't love being upside down. So as I was playing with that I inevitably ended up on my head. So I played a bit with headstand. First I tried going down to straddle leg split, and I sort of went up and down without touching. And that wasn't super hard, so I figured let's try to press up. And I did it, twice. Surprise to me the beginning of the press up is actually your hands... Who knew... 

I'm excited to practice that some more, and for what the rest of the day will bring. 

Last note... I almost hit the barrier coming into the garage at work... See good day cause I didn't actually hit it.

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