Saturday, March 1, 2014


It's been an eventful couple of days. Yesterday I got a bone scan for the first time. It wasn't particularly eventful, other than I'm a little radioactive until Monday but it was super boring. I mean the pictures and the IV are just meh, not something I haven't done before. The thing that got to me was the waiting. I mean I had to get there at 830, and was done at 1. What happens with a bone scan is they inject you with this radioactive stuff then you have to wait for it migrate through your body, aka, sit in the cafeteria and drink tea. And then they take the pictures. Which don't hurt and are kind of boring. No I'm serious, getting  my 3rd scanner in a week really didn't phase me. I mean today it's back in the MRI for pictures of the brain mass. Fun fun.... Had to get up annoyingly early so I'm a little cranky. 

In waiting I realized company is not a bad thing and I think for the long haul days I will ask for people to come with me.  Cause it gets really tiresome, so having someone to goof off with would help pass the time. I know I have to actually do it myself which makes me feel a little bit like I'm on the island of lost souls, but company is a good thing. 

But in waiting I started reading a book for yoga teacher training. 

This is a book written by the owner of the studio, and I was honestly a bit skeptical of the whole thing. I'm sort of aware. Of their belief system and it leaves a few major flaws in my opinion. I mean I could be missing something but the reaction of what to do basically when bad things happen to good people.  And from the sound of it basically you should thank the universe for hard times. 

I mean I'm all for positive thinking and maintaining a positive attitude about adversity. Where did the "we're gonna slap that bitch " mantra come from? I mean kicking ass and taking names is positive. But the philosophy seems to negate the negative or "non-positive" emotions.  Where as I believe all emotions should be felt and embraced. Do I think sitting in sadness or angry is the best thing for you? No, but there are times for all of them, and there are times where a little fire is called for. And I think that should be good, and though I plan to thank the universe later when this path that I'm on revels itself, but for now. I'm going to be happy, sad and mad and anything I damn well want to be in the middle. And I think that is good.  

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  1. Soooo you rock and you're def gonna slap that bitch