Saturday, April 19, 2014

Chemo round 2 squares


Another day another day of putting poison in my body. I didn't sleep super well again. The anticipation is really the killer. Though each time is similar it's hard to know what each time is going to bring since it's breaking you down a little more, so there is only so much predicting you can do. 

Getting to the hospital was uneventful. Which is always good. I mean it's a little disconcerning when getting there is hard. But anyway. I made it to blood work, easy squeezy. Made my way down do get a cup of decaf. Because of the large span of time in between visits I am much more brazen about getting up an walking around. Cause really there is no reason to camp out in waiting room because it's stupidly boring. 

Browsed for a hats and picked up a new one
Very lady like for Easter.  And very soft. Made it through the doctors apt, and off to infusion. 

Again easy for the most part. My veins didn't want to play so nice so it was a two stick day, but once that got going everything went smoothly. 

Chemo mudra and what not to wear... Sounds good. 

I also had a bunch of visitors which was awesome. Erin came up from peds Orth, which was fun, and brought me fun surprises. Slippers, a yummy candle and a hat "buff" 

Who doesn't like animal print? My head is officially ready for spring.  And chai vanilla candles are yummy :-) 

Then Kate and Keith stopped by for a visit as well. It's nice to have some company for a Long day. 

Oh and finally I capitalized on the free massage service... Foot massage yes please.  All in all pretty smooth and a lovely day 

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