Thursday, April 3, 2014

The word of the day is frustrated

Today is not a great mental space for me. I can't fully identify where the problem is but today has been hard.  I'm also a little made. I know I'm partially sad because I didn't get enough sleep, which on a normal makes me more emotional and these days really doesn't help. I had a wonderful fun time last night but I think I have to come the realization that at least for the next few month, late is 9 and 10 is bedtime. Which completely 100% sucks. I mean really if I stay up till midnight I turn into a pumpkin. Really, I mean I always sort of did but before, I am not going to sit here and say I had the magical ability to stay up late, cause no I did not. But I could power through one night without too much issue.  But not any more... Woohoo anyone out there want to get the early bird special at IHOP. That's about where the excitement train is going to end.  I fucking hate this. 

The second complete annoyance is the poop. In the last 18 hrs I've taken a dose and a half miralax, benifiber and like 4 colaces... And we've had only a small out of success. I know that my problems are at least partially anxiety driven, but really what the duck fuck.  Really.  I've said this before but I eat most of the right stuff body could you give me an allergy or call it a day. 

Anyways just gettin some of this stuff off the cheats makes thing better, so that's good. And soon I'll be done for the day. Woot. 

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