Saturday, April 12, 2014

Ode to hair loss


So this post had another thought for a title but I liked them both equally.... The other one was how to slap that bitch.. So both pretty good right? But anyway I digress. 

So one of the funny things about cancer is when you're feeling good you can kind of forget you are sick. Cause at least I'm lucky enough to not feel shitty all the time.  So that is awesome, but then things like "chemo" and "hair loss" start to happen and then all of a sudden you look like a sick person... And that sucks.  

First it starts with a little

And then you end up shedding so much you quite literately clog a drain. I am not kidding that happened. After that there is two choices, wait to see what happens or grab the bull by the horns. Since I have never been one to wait and see, I grabbed the bull by the horns, and took things into my own hands. 
It's coming off... 3,2,1
I started with scissors.  
Then clippers 
Then even shorter clippers. With a little help from Franni I got cleaned up and all done. 

By hair, hello bald and waiting for the bald spots. At least I won't be leaving a trail of my hair whereever I go :-) and even if I look like a sick person I won't feel like it.  So suck on that cancer... Can't get me down. 

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