Saturday, April 12, 2014

Yoga teacher training wk 10


Oh my god, it's almost over. I can't believe it. It's been an amazing ride and I can't believe it's over. But like when anything ends something else begins. I don't know what that is right now. But I know it will be awesome. 

Friday started with meeting up with Kate and making our way to the studio. Ironically we got a little lost, first time. Typical that is happens on the last Friday. Whatever we made it work. Friday we started with a little meditiation. Which is always nice, because I am lazy about meditating myself. Then we did the flow once through. It's amazing how much better everyone is, and the fact that we do the whole thing makes it energetically better to handle.  Then it was over.... And I was off to shave my head and watch GI Jane... Very appropriate. 

Saturday  I was tired from staying up to late to shave my head. Oops.  We started off with a discussion of what's next. Yikes so much to think about, now it's like do I do more training, get CPR certified, get insurance, where to teach, how much do you make... Ak, it sort of makes my head spin. I decided today (Monday) I'm going to focus on one opportunity at a time and see what happens, that way I won't overwhelm myself. If the universe decides to throw a bunch of things at me at once then I'll figure it out, but I think I'm not going to seek to much stuff out yet. Let's focus on  community classes and screening for sub lists... Though I may look at other studios to get on the sub list for.  

After that we moved into more practice teaching. Which was good. It's always good to move after we sit for a while. I didn't go until the second round in the evening. I got to teach integration and Sun salutations, which was good. It had been awhile since I had done that, so it was good practice. It's sort of funny that I get really unsure of myself then while I'm teaching this very directive authoritative person comes out. Clearly I got this more then my front mind thinks. Because when I let it flow out it comes... So there we go. 
And Franni helped me finish my hair

Sunday we did one more round of teaching, and chatting. And then we had cupcakes and the merryment commenced. 
The whole teacher training family. 
Then I turned into a rocker. Barely able to keep a straight face... I'm a laugher, deal with it.  

I officially have a yoga bandana now, thanks to Nate. 

The party continued at Rae Ann's and it was amazing. Happy graduation to all of us. 

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