Monday, March 26, 2012


I am so bored with weight machines. Or at least yesterday I was. I went to the gym yesterday. Which of course was a good thing. I read the first two chapters of the second hunger games book. Which I am totally hooked on. While on the elliptical machine. Talk about multi tasking. I figured out that if I make the letters really big on the kindle it makes it easy and possible to read on the elliptical. Which means I won't get bored as fast, assuming the book is good. Yesterday I did 40 min so that was good and 3.5 miles. So it was a pretty good pace. Ironically I find it hard to go slow. So I usually do a decent pace.

Then I literally walked around the weight machines cause I couldn't decide what to do. I did the lat pull downs and tried the triceps circular one but it felt funny. Then I decided to row. I did 4 500m rows at a 230 pace. Which was thrilling. Cause last time I tried to row I was tired after my second 500. Yay for improvement. And I was able to get the resistance up to 6. I felt awesome leaving.

This morning I was pretty sore when I got up. But now I'm feeling ok. Alittle tired muscularly. But not bad. So that is excellent. Overall a time well spent. :)

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