Friday, March 9, 2012

Hello from sardine land

Ok not really. I'm on a Peter pan bus. But it's really not crowded at all. Which is good. Cause I'm going down to Marathas vineyard to visit the father "dad". Just for the night but it will be fun. The only plan we have is to take class tomorrow at the Yoga barn. I'm excited. I have to say my phone just tried to auto correct yoga as Uganda majorly amused.

This was an interesting week. I've been so unmotivated at work lately. I sort of want to find out about the last hold outs for pt school so I can mentally get over it. By that statement I'm clearly already preparing for the negative. But at this point I just want to know. Ma keeps saying I should take a class rift away. Since I can (thank you biogen ) for free but a) i don't know what I'd take and b) for some reason I just dont want to. So I should probably figure out why that is first. But every time I bring it up I find myself thinking " yeh yeh whatever" I think I might just need to Morn the loss of the last dream before I start working on another. But I a bright note. Exercise physiology will be done in a week. Woohoo.

The sky is really pretty right now. Will try to capture typical new England sun set

Ok sort of

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