Sunday, March 11, 2012

Busy weekend

This was quite the busy weekend.  I went down to Martha's vineyard for Friday night.  To help my dad move out of his apartment.  Of course, we're going to have to go back but that's another story.  We forgot one thing and of course we have to be present for the inspection.  But at least I got to see some prettiness on Saturday. 
Here is the view from somewhere in Martha's Vineyard.  It was such a beutiful day, minus the really really really cold wind.  I'm a baby but it was cold.

The bus ride down to the ferry wasn't bad.  We hit alittle traffic, but nothing too bad and I made it to the ferry I indended.  By the time we landed I was super hungry so dad and I went to the Big Black Dog Tavern.  Which I didn't know was a Vineyard thing.  I mean growing up in MA I have seen the black dog sweatshirts a million and two times but didn't know where they came from.  I thought it was just a brand...and a restaurant too!
I had crab cakes..I almost typed crap (oooops)  They were really good.  After dinner we went back to the apartment, cause nothing is open and we went to bed.  Which was good cause I ended up waking up at 7...ugg.  Thanks to no black out curtains.  But it was a relaxing morning.   And then we headed to the Yoga Barn, for a yoga practice.  Me and Dad :)

I really wanted to go to this studio because it looked so pretty in the pictures.  Mine don't really do it justice but it was a really great space and really good class. 

I got this very weird assist to get into wheel.  Which I haven't done in three months cause of the surgery. But it was cool to get up.  Basically the teacher used a strap to lift me up.  And i grabbed onto her ankles. It was one of those yoga moments that you don't really know whats going on and then all of sudden I was in wheel.  Going hey cool.

After the class, Dad and I drove across the island to clay cliffs.  It was REALLY windy.  Clearly.  But really pretty.  Had it not been so windy we would have stayed longer.

I was amazed how pretty the island everywhere.  It doesn't feel beachy even though its an island.  And has all these shrubby trees and lots of open space.  It was a bit too quite for me, but otherwise it would be a nice place to live. If more stuff was open year round. 

After the cliff's we drove to Oak bluffs to look at the ginger bread houses.  And we had lunch.  I liked the houses and once again would have loved to walk around if it wasn't so damn windy. 

Finally we headed to load the car and made our way home.  It was a really fun day.  But boy was I tired.  I was happy to get home.  I ended up getting into bed at about 9:30.  Cause i was that tired.  So daylight savings was not as bad.

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