Saturday, March 3, 2012

Heart yoga

I love yoga.  Especially in my current condition.  I knew yesterday that I wanted to go and have a practice at my favorite prana power yoga class.  And fortunately I had a enough energy to go...cause I needed it.  It was a long week and so i knew i was tense, hence why i wanted to go.  But walking into class made it clear that i REALLY needed it.  There is something completely wonderful and releasing about practicing yoga.  I had a major release during the OM. And it was clear in that moment I was in the right place at that moment.  There is something wonderful about taking a moment to slow down and listen to your body. 

One thing I heard at yoga a few weeks ago was that "yoga offers us a chance to start over".  That is a lesson that really speaks to me right now.  The ability to come to my mat at any point and in any head space and just be.  That is why i love yoga. Granted. Its not always transcendent.   In fact some times I just get mad.  My balance is off, i wish my hips were more open, why can't i do crow pose.  But other times such as now I am working on just being. 

I'm trying in this time to reflect on the life lessons that I've been thrown.  Though there is definitely a lot of refection to be done...and I'm by NO means done.  I want to focus on self acceptance and slowing down.  I used to move so quickly through life.  Since I'm being forced to slow down, physically I decided its time to slow down mentally as well.  And we'll see where that brings us. 

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