Saturday, March 24, 2012

Day 8

The hair is coming in slowly. I've been using the stuff from aveda pretty regularly and I sort of have a five o'clock shadow on my head. Maybe this is how it feels to grow a beard. Fortunately not that prickly yet. So that is good.

In other news I won't be getting my port out on Monday :( they called me and they needed to move my appointment for some emergency case. Though I realized later that they asked if I could move it so I may have been able to say no. Which made me feel majorly stupid. Cause I won't ever know if I had been firmer would I have gotten to keep the appointment. Damn my need to be flexible and helpful. Sometimes I wish I thought quicker instead of me realizing 6hrs later what I could have done. Though I guess I've grown since in previous years it probably would have taken 2 days or I wouldn't have realized that I missed that option. I guess slow growth is better than no growth.

I'm going to see the hunger games today with the aopis. I'm excited cause I actually just finished the book this morning. I know late on the band wagon but I love books I can't put down. Which was the case since I just started it on Monday. More later :)

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