Monday, March 26, 2012

Poky poky

Third acupuncture treatment today. It went pretty well. I didn't have to be on my stomach cause it's uncomfortable and therefore hard to relax. I actually got pretty comfortable and relaxed during the treatment. So hopefully the side effects will last a few days at the very least.

I also had my follow up oncology apt today. It wasn't really that big a deal except of course the discussion about. Recurrence Which no one wants to talk about but I would think everyone thinks about. Like I mean really. I got it once so what's to stop it from coming back. Freaky umm yeh and scary. Duh. Well the one thing I didn't realize is the fact that if it comes back its not likely t be curable. That's the part people don't talk about. But just hope. Not like I'm making plans cause well of course I'm not. I mean I've had enough medical shit go down for two lifetimes so I'm good. Except the potential pregnancy or something. I'm done with big medical things. Thank you big guy. You know... You up there in the cloud. I'm done. I want normal from now on.

But for now I just have to be paranoid about any prolonged symptoms and hope I don't have any.

It was a long day. Now off to bed

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