Saturday, March 3, 2012

A-O cutie pi

I just got back from founders day.  It was really fun to see people and its been really fun to get back into being an active pi. It was at Maggiano's in Boston.  I have never actually been there for a regular meal but for brunch it is really tasty.

 Founder's Day always brings up interesting feelings for me.  In college I usually found it more of a neusence then anything else because it was usually on a weekend before mid terms or involved a long car ride to another chapters location to do a combined one.  Now as a semi not active alum it is different.  It is an excuses to get together with lovely women that I don't see that often.  Of course I always go through the terror of seeing people that I haven't seen in awhile, that no one will talk to me.  Which is completely irrational but still always present.  Like this time people will think I'm too weird or something.  Hopefully with all of  this growth I can work on that.  Because its completely irrational and my blood pressure could use the break. And currently answering the now loaded question of "how are you?" umm yeh. Or "how have you been?" " what have you been up to?" umm...oh nothing.  See what I mean.  Completely loaded question. I mean i don't need or what to broadcast my illness.  Like i tell everyone its not really a secret but at the same time especially with people i don't see often its not like I want to walk into a room and answer "what I have been to? " with Oh i just finished chemo.  Yeh. Sort of a downer and sometimes its nice not to talk about it.

To be quite honest I don't actually know how many of the Pi girls know. I only told me two closest friends but its also not a secret so I don't know if anyone else knows. So whatever.  But I wore the wig so its not like anyone knew.  Though someone I haven't seen in a year commented that I changed my hair.  Which i smiled and laughed, thinking Oh more then you know. 

Food was good and we did a little ritual.  Which was also good.  This month the alum chapter is also doing a jewelry fundraiser so I also did some shopping and bought some jewlery from

 I'm excited for it to come in the mail. I am definitely embracing the need for big earrings.  And will be using them for awhile.  Especially since I'm going to probably to rock the buzz look when the hair comes back.  Since it didn't look too bad. Though will see what happens.

Later gaiter 

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