Sunday, March 11, 2012

Froggie time

Today added to the business of the weekend.  It was fun though.  I went to a yoga fundraiser at power yoga studio with L.  It was a really good class and I actually made it through most of it without a ton of a break.  There are still a few poses that I have to really stay away from.
Fallen triangle
Flip dog
and anything else that resembles wild thing

One of the cool things we did was a set up for tripod headstand.  I had never seen that before so it was way cool to get a new modification for a very tricky pose. Though it still hurts my head.  But I am actually really enjoying the fact that I have to slow it down a bit.  Because it gives me a chance to really focus on the basics and work on alignment and breath (things I forget about when i go fast) so its been good to get back to that.

L and I also had lunch which was fun.  Any time that I get to catch up with good friends is ok by me.

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