Thursday, April 26, 2012

And we're done

So today was the day of my second reconstruction surgery. Woot woot. The good thing about this one is the fact it's 1016 and I am in my own bed. With clean sheets and I know I'm not going to get woken up 17 times when people come for rounds. I also have a full bottle of Percocet. So I'm sitting pretty.

It was a long day though. I didn't have to be there until 11 which was nice I a way because it let me sleep in but it also gave me that much more time to worry. I mean I am wracking up enough OR time now that I know I will be fine most likely. But it's a little freaky when you think about it that they are going to be in charge of every bodily function and you'll be completey out. So in waiting around my brain did not appreciate it. Te good thing. Is I stayed call enough not to cry. Score for me.

So they wheeled me in. Drugged me up and did there thing. Another bonus. No post op vomiting. Yay!!!!!!! I was worried about that. But nothing. The stomach was a little uneasy to begin with but now I'm just groggy. So I can take that. And on that not since my eyelids feel like bricks it's time for bed.

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