Saturday, April 28, 2012


Today was a very slow day.  Good to be slow.  But slow none the less.  I actually feel kind of funny today.  I took a percocet at 6 so I didn't get up until 10:45 or so. So i feel like i just never got the groove in.  I'm also ways more sore today then I was yesterday.  I'm trying to play with the amount of percocet I'm taking during the day....partially because I felt so good yesterday.  Clearly I'm not quite ready to down grade to 1 tablet.  Cause its not lasting long enough.  For sure. 

Today was very exciting cause I got my eyebrows done.  Thank you...the hair is coming back and it needed to be removed in the unfortunate facial locations.   I love going to Pyara, but I think I'm a bit of a spa treatment junkie.  I went and did that, and the women who does my waxing recommended that I do a facial, which I think I will do.  But I seriously could spend the entire day in there and it wouldn't be enough.  The only downfall is of course my skin sort of turns into a tomato. 
But that's ok. My girl becca does everything in her power and throws everything in her Aveda bag of tricks to make it easier.

After that apt my dad and I made it over to my moms bell concert. She is in a handbell choir. It's sort of cool and the concert was interesting. Except for the very chatty conductor. I hate it when they get chatty. I want to just say shut up and play already. But it was good.

Otherwise I've just been home for the rest of the day. But now im feeling alittle funny.

We'll see how this goes

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