Friday, April 20, 2012

Cooking crazy

So I had this master plan of blogging about my cooking adventures. Of course when i do cook to blog about it. What I did? How it turned out ect. But of course I cooked for our dept pot luck at work last night and realized tonight that I missed a perfectly good blogging experience. Opps! Fail!

I'll document the recipe and book later. But it got Rae reviews at the pot luck so it will be repeated:)

In other news, work this week felt lost insane. One of the bosses commented that is was because we worked on. A holiday. Which of course is true and of course could very well be it. It's funny how something this simple makes the week fell unbelievable long. The other thing of course is I'm stressing about being out for the next two weeks starting on Thursday. Sometimes I wish I wasn't so anxious about what people thought of me. Cause then I would leave and not give a flying fuck what happened, what I did or didn't finish and the state of which I left stuff. So of course I care, so sue me! So in trying to wrap up stuff so it's not a huge API in the butt for other people. An because it's busy I actually feel bad that I'm going

I swear I need to be hospitalized (mentally) that. Is

I really shouldn't care. But I do. I need to get down the anxiety. Like seriously.

In a goal to that I just got home from hour of power at Prana Cambridge. Thank you Abby , fabulous as usual. I had alittle success today as well. I made it almost all the way through class without taking child's pose woot woot. I mean I still modify but my stamina is definitely improving ALOT! So that is majorly exciting. The second victory was taking fallen triangle o both sides for all the cued breaths! Bo yah!

I'm pooped now, but it was a rock star evening... And. Great way to start te weekend:)

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