Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter fun

Happy Easter
It was a good weekend. I went to the 11 am service at church which was overall a good message. I did get mobbed alittle on the way out. That was hard. I mean I understand that people want to know and show support. But it was tiring. So 17 awkward conversations later I made it to the car with my sister.

Later we went to brunch at the Marriott hotel. Lots of yummy bacon. I think. I might have a little unhealthy obsession with bacon. But it was perfectly done and tasted great. The one thing that didn't was actually the desserts. Which was funny because they looked amazing. But the mouse I had was in impressive so I didn't bother with anything else.

After we got home it was Easter basket time. Which meant scratch tickets galour. Yay. And buddy shaped chocolate. Double yay.

Otherwise the day was spent lounging. I was feeling pretty lazy so I didn't do much. I did buy my ticket to wanderlust:) I'm soooo excited. Now I just have to book the hotel.

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