Sunday, April 15, 2012

Italian coma

So it's been awhile since I've had Italian food. But oh boy. I'm in chicken parm induced coma at the moment.

One of my KY cousins is in town for a job interview so we went to the chateau in Waltham. It's been an old stand by for the family for years. We actually discussed why we still go their cause it's just an ok restaurant. But try an change anything with my grandfather involved and it's not going to happen. So off we went and had a lovely family meal. Now well fed we'll be watching amazing race... The usual Sunday activity.

Otherwise today I went to another yoga class. It was very athletic, but not particularly zen. Though they did have an assistant who helped alot. It's always amazing to me the difference teachers make when they are essentially all teaching the same thingZ but the main goal was achieved and my back muscles are nice an sore:)

Not back to amazing race and having African Safari envy... Cause they are in Tanzania

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