Saturday, April 14, 2012

Self care

It's an interesting term "self care " cause of course people all feel like it means something different. I'm not even sure what it means to me today. I want to this unbelievable yoga class at Prana today and it was focused o self care. Care of the body and care of the mind. After about a million assists and 2 hrs of class I definitely feel like my body is well cared for. My mind only partially so. I did end up crying a few times during the practice so I know I had some release. But I am still mentally jumpy. I think I feel like I should be more sociable then I have been lately. And as much as it pains me to say it I wish I had a boyfriend. Maybe I wouldn't feel like such a social weirdo. But I really have to work on myself more.

There is the rub right? When you look for someone it doesn't happen. But it's hard not to feel like stupid having so little luck in that department. But I think I will do what Dan savage says (paraphrased badly) live your life, get out in the world and put yourself out there, and don't get bitter. That Is the goal. :) and here goes nothing. I will focus on self care... And lots of yogi stuff and eventually all will fall into place

I hope

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