Monday, April 30, 2012

Singing a song

I'm on a drug induced cloud today.  At least I was :) I realized, or more aptly my mother helped me realize, that I might be pushing myself a bit too much and not taking enough pain medication to boot.  So today I am making a point to take a dose every six hours and not doing too much.  Today I got up at the usual latish time.  Except I need to start putting my phone on vibrate because I keep getting early morning texts from a friend of mine.  I know she means well...but do I really want to have my phone go off at 7:30 when I don't have to get up AT all.. um i think not.   So I'm going to just put it on vibrate and hopefully that elevates the problem. 

I lazed around this morning a bit.  I am trying to eat a lot of roughage because the drugs do nothing good for my GI tract.  So I had berries, spinach, an apple and a banana for breakfast.  Quite healthy if I don't say so myself.  And enjoyed an episode of Dance Moms.  Oh boy do I like my guilty pleasure TV.

I got a few things done on line with my car.  I realized recently that I never changed my address from my last move (2 yrs ago) for my insurance or registration. SO i thought I should do that.  Might be good since I know the RMV is going to be sending me the license plate sticker soon. I knew if I didn't do it while I was thinking about it I would just forget and then get a ticket because I'd forget.  As it inspection sticker expired in march...ooops.  Didn't do that one yet.  I'm planning on having my dad help me out with that tomorrow... since i can't really drive while taking not one but two percocent tablets.. doesn't really work out.

Then the brother and I went to Quiz no's.  Yay for sandwiches.  It was nice to go for a little walk with the bro and of course get something that  I didn't have to make.  Always a bonus.

I spent the afternoon enjoying the sun and reading the third hunger games book.  Its been a lovely day :)

As a side note I have been a bit obsessed with  the instagram ap.  It is so much fun.

Now I'm freezing so I'm going to hunker down for the night. And enjoy dancing with the stars.

I think I might have been a bit drugged this afternoon...but clearly having a good time :) 

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