Thursday, February 28, 2013

Back in the saddle

Being offically back from vacation for 3 days...though it wasn't really sort enough to qualify as a full on vacation.  But anyway.  Being back for 3 days I am full heartedly back to the paleo challenge.  Its been tough mainly because I did have that dip over the weekend.  But I'm staying strong.  So far.  I have sort of come to grips with the fact that I may always want that cookie.  I'm just not going to eat it. I did think of a great treat.  That will be occuring tomorrow.  But it will be grain, legume, dairly and sugar free (or no sugar added.

It will be banana ice cream with coconut whip cream.  All I'll say for now.  If the recipie is an epic fail it may be better cause then I won't be tempted to make it a bunch.

The interesting thing that I have to report is a noticed a market difference when eating the crap over the weekend.  Though it tasted good and stuff it made me cravy more and more strongly then if I didn't eat it at all.  Like I said before I may always want to cookie but the intensity of the want doesn't really change.  Or hasn't yet.  But when I derailled it just made me want to eat everything in site...and that is even harder to control.

The other interesting thing that I noticed during the weekend was just that I didn't feel as good eating non-paleo foods.  They were good, but did really satisfy in the same way as the whole foods.  This was admittedly a surprise since it had only been 3 days of good paleo before I left.  But I guess thats enough.  I definitely believe now that I have a gluten intollerance and that I feel better when giving up grains and sugar for sure.  Willl I consider experimenting with things like peanut butter and greek yogurt.  Probably.  Because they are yummy and I question the validity that good dairy is the devil.  Will I eat lots of cheese.  No but that didn't happen anyway.  And is probably extrememly counter indicated for someone with chronic GI issues. 

But in week two of paleo land I feel less bloated, and less tired...though staying up for 20 hrs on sunday is still taking its toll. But not exsausted.  So yay there.

Hopefully tonight I will try my hand at cauliflower rice.  I'll report back later .

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