Monday, February 18, 2013

Paleo day 1.

Today is paleo challenge day 1. And it hasn't been bad. The trick with eating paleo or really in eating any "special" meal plan, especially at the beginning is the planning. So I would give myself a "c" on planning for today.

Why just a "c" ? Well cause I definitely could and will do better.

Breakfast was easy because of course I was at home. I actually slept in newton last night because I didn't know if there would be a snow issue and I had acupuncture at 11 am this morning... Admittedly it was nice cause I chilled with the parents. We went to see Lincoln. Which was well done but slow moving, and I made a batch of sauerkraut. Which was good considering the paleo challenge ill be doing for the next 45 (forever)
Though I definitely didn't make enough. But I digress

Breakfast was easy cause it was at home. Then I went to acupuncture, which I knew would cause issues with lunch. Because the appointment was from 11 to a little after 12. So I was kind of hungry after but wanted to power through and go to the arsenal mall. Which I did. I got this really cute dress for when i theoretically, eventually have a date. All I need is the static guard and ill be good to go.

When I did get home I did have some quick food available... Aka left overs from last week. But I don't think I had enough protein because I proceeded to munch on all sorts of things... Paleo but still random non meal stuff.

I finished off the night with my very first intermediate yoga class ever. It was awesome

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