Friday, February 1, 2013

The day I admitted that I'm not really a runner

So someone out there is probably say...wait isn't she running a half marathon in a month.  And the answer to that question is YES.  I am.  It has actually been through the training process for the the Disney Princess Half Marathon that I've finally...after a number of ill prepared I've finally admitted to myself. I ain't no runner.

The things that made me realize this. I do much better with exercise regimes that are scheduled classes. I have no problem making time for my favorite yoga class or crossfit Wod. I mean I love it but even on days that I don't want to and I just wasn't to sit on the couch. I can manage to get to a class largely I think because of the class format.

Additionally crossfit and yoga make me happy in all sorts of ways. Yoga is my relaxation, my therapy, my centering. And crossfit let's me get my bad ass on. Which both have an excellent way of helping me be the best version of me... Ok a little hokey but whatever.

Running on the other hand for long distances does not usually bring me joy. On a treadmill it never does and outside it really depends. 5K type lengths aren't bad and a decent distance but passed that it really doesn't bring me joy. If you talk to people who are distance runners they talk about a zen like experience... Which I may have achieved once.

So what does that mean. It means I'm super excited to go to Disney world and I will do my darnedest to run a good race. But if I start talking about a race longer then 4 miles ( cause I'm not giving up on the gobble gobble gobble race) please smack me or something cause its just not a good idea.

My new running goals will be for speed. Since I'm never very fast... I'm going to try and shave some time off my 5 K time.. Something measured in crossfit anyway. So a worthy and reasonable goal. And then I can say I can run... You know, away from danger, but I am not a runner.

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