Saturday, February 23, 2013

Paleo and travel

So I sort of wondered how going to Disney world would be on going paleo a week before would good. I've been doing pretty well with everything and then I jumped on an airplane yesterday morning to come to the most magical place on earth.... Yep I'm in Disney.

The day started good. I was armed at the airport with my Steve's originals paleo sticks... Basically beef jerky. And so fruit I got at Starbucks. But it was hard to find additional stuff and getting up that early meant my body was out of wack at bit. I rolled with it... Plenty of water and you can keep anything at bay.

We made it to disney and checked in the race expo. The T shirts are soooo cute. They are purple. Which is much appreciated in general because white T-shirts are ugly. I may get a tiara to wear around the park today. If I find a cute one that is. So far all were ugly ugly.

After check in we grabbed lunch at the hotel restaurant which is this Mexican sort of Buffet sort of thing. I was able to hunt down a salad woohoo.

Then we headed to Epcot. ( we're doing the magic kingdom today since its out one full day)

Epcot was awesome and similar to what I remembered. We road
The planet earth - the ride inside the ball
Nemo ride
A nature ride about technology developments in agriculture
Captain EO
Mexico ride
Norway ride - which was awesome and by far too short. Though I think we could say that about most rides.

We also walked around the works pavilion. Had dinner in France. Which was where the first slip up happened. Not horrible but I got a quiche and chocolate tart. And a diet coke. There wasn't any true paleo options there and I was basically too lazy to modify three different things to get what I needed. And all the lines for food were huge so I basically said temporarily fuck it.

After dinner we went to Norway and got my Norwegian skills on since Disney hires actual people from that country to work there... Pretty cool. Though there was definitely a few botched moments. Oh well. We also split and almost right Skole brød. The cream was wrong but pretty close.

We finished the night with a fireworks an laser show over the lagoon... Cause who doesn't like fireworks. And some shopping in the different countries until it started to rain.

Then we came home and went to bed.

Side note : I've included the previous two days meal logs to make documentation complete.

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