Monday, February 25, 2013

Disney Half princess

I am a Disney princess runner. Sort of. I made it through the half Marathon with my body And feet still in-tacked. So hurray for me.

There were definitely a few firsts for this situation. It was the first race I had to get up at 2:30 am for. Yes you read right. And because it was so early I basically woke up once an hour cause I was afraid of over sleeping. We got up and made it to the buses. It was the largest race I've ever done. The first one with corral start... We were in D. The first one with fireworks start. The first one through the magic kingdom. The first one with celebrities ( both Sean Aston and Ali (the firs female biggest loser) were there. Ok I think that's all the first. The other really funny that happened was a felt really good through about mile 4 and I started to think.. Maybe ill do this again. That could be fun. Or do the princess half again cause its definitely a very different race then any other. I mean you can take your picture with Mickey. And then around mile 5 or 6 the pain hit and I remembered why I won't be doing another big race for awhile if ever.

But a side note on the pictures with Mickey... I didn't take as may pictures as I may have liked not because I was worried about my time. But I was afraid that if I stood in a twenty minute line I'd never get started again. But I got a few goodies so I'm happy.

So anyway. I made it across the finish and gathered my ice bags. And even now a day later I don't feel too bad for wear.. All in all I'm really glad I did it. Could I have trained better and more, oh for sure. But I still did it and that is really the important thing. That even when mile 10 came and I wanted to sit down and wait to get picked up by the sweeper truck I didn't.

And I didn't walk at all from mile 12 to the end. That was tough.

But I did it :)

Ps the close up is right before mile 12... You can guess what I was thinking

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