Monday, February 25, 2013

Walt Disney World Weekend recap

This past weekend was the Disney princess half marathon in Walt Disney world. Which of course meant I got to go to Disney world again after 17 years, yep the last time I went I was 12. Guess who was excited... This girl.

So I left Boston VERY early Friday morning (6am departure). Other then a crowded airport it was a very uneventful trip down. I made it to Orlando fine and met L who was my Disney running buddy and hang out buddy for the weekend. The great thing about Disney is the fact that if you stay at the resort they pretty much make life really easy.

An easy bus ride and we were at the corranado springs resort. Very nice hotel, though we didn't really get a chance to take advantage of much of it. Other then the fact the rooms were nice.

Our first stop was the race expo to pick up our numbers and tee shirts and stuff. It ended up being a really good idea because the line the next morning was RIDICULOUS. We explored the shops in the expo. I got some sweaty band headbands. They are very cute.

After we were done we headed to Epcot. For rides and dinner. We hit pretty much every ride in Epcot... Other then the really kiddie ones. And of course we did the Norway ride. I mean we couldn't skip that. We also had dinner in France which was tasty but not paleo. Which was a concern. It actually proved harder to eat paleo this weekend that I initially thought. But it's the first time I've even considered trying to ... So definitely could have planned better. It was hard too cause we didn't make reservations for dinner, fail on our part so we had to do quick service for both. Next time in Disney ill know better.

On Saturday it was Magic Kingdom day. Which was awesome. We did pretty much every ride in this park, except Peter Pan which jus eluded us the whole weekend and splash mountain cause it was closed. I even got my picture with pooh and tigger. At the Winnie the Pooh ride. They also had a few really new rides. A little mermaid ride where you got sung at, a buzz light year ride that you could shoot stuff... Though the staging area for that was tough cause the music was a snare drum. After half an hour it was ENOUGJ. Space mountain and Thunder Mountain were awesome. I also got a turkey leg for lunch which was fun and paleo. We stayed in the park for the light show parade and then I split because we ha to get up early. I got a pretty paleo friendly (steak, veggies and white potatoes ) dinner which I wanted to make sure to do. I mean the last thing I needed was extra GI issues on race day. And to bed we went.

Sunday after we made it back to the hotel for rest and showers we went to the Animal kingdom. I was excited about this one because it was just being built when I came last time. So it was a total new experience. It was great. Part disney part zoo. With rides. They actually had a brand new ride (opened either end of 2012 or 2013) called expedition Everest. It's a roller coaster and it awesome. We went on it twice. We also did the safari and some of the other rides. We caught mickeys parade and saw hippos. It was good. This park closed early, so we went to the magic kingdom for a little while. We repeated space mountain, mermaid, haunted house and the carousel and had dinner at cosmic rays dinner which reminded me of the jetsons sort of. Then the exhaustion completely hit so we went back to the hotel to do the important things like check Into our flights and sleep. Since we'd been up for close to 20 hrs when it was all said and done.

Regardless of sleep deprivation and any dietary faux pas... Of which there where many... It was an awesome weekend with Great company and a great athletic event.

Picture is from light snow at the magic kingdom

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